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Migration from Quickinstall to Softaculous

Posted on 19th March, 2021

In our constant endeavour to improve our Shared Hosting infrastructure, we are removing Quickinstall from our Cloud Hosting US servers & a few new shared servers  so that we can keep them safe from security vulnerabilities.

As an alternative, you can continue to use Softacolus which is installed on the server allowing the same automated install for your application needs. 

Existing applications installed using Quickinstall will be imported to Softaculous by us barring the accounts that fall under the below criteria:

1) If your account is overutilizing resources(like diskspace, bandwidth): Please ensure that your account is not overutilizing any of the resources which might cause an issue while the migration is attempted.

2) If the application is not available in Softaculous, it will not be possible for us to import them. The chances of this happening are slim as softaculous has a huge application library and should include most of the applications. Also in any such case, the files for the application will be intact but you will not be able to manage it via Softaculous.

If you need more information about how these changes will affect you, you can reach out to our Support teams to help aid in making the right decision.