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Proofpoint Integration on our Dedicated and VPS server’s outbound email services

Posted on 12th April, 2022

Dear Customer,

We hope you, your families, and your loved ones remain safe and in good health.

As part of our continued efforts to keep improving our platform and main stability, we are undertaking a change in the outbound email routing system for all our VPS Linux servers.

Why are we making this change?

To curb all spamming and IP blacklisting issues that we have seen in the past, we have decided to implement a cloud-based email security solution that will help us protect all outbound mails from VPS Linux servers. This new solution will help us eliminate malware and spam in our email architecture. This will help us greatly in providing you with clean IPs which are not blacklisted anywhere.

When will this change be implemented?

Starting 25th April 2022, we will start routing traffic of VPS orders via the new implementation. This will be done in batches to ensure smooth transition and monitoring.

What changes do you need to make?

By 25 April, 2022, you need to add the following TXT record in the DNS management console of your domain name. This needs to be updated for the parent domain name of your VPS order as well as all other addon domains created under your panel.

domain-name. IN TXT v=spf1 +a +mx include:eig.spf.a.cloudfilter.net ~all

Or you can add “include:eig.spf.a.cloudfilter.net” to your existing SPF record

If you are using either our cPanel/Plesk name servers, or the default brand name servers, then we will try to make these changes for you. However, we would recommend that you take proactive steps to ensure continuity of your email service.

How will this impact you?

If you have not made the changes to your SPF record, once we start migrating the outbound email traffic via the new monitoring system, you will face one of the following issues

  • If you have “–all” (minus all) as a part of your SPF record, the emails being sent out from your server will not get delivered successfully

  • If you have “~all” (tilde sign) as a part of your SPF record, based on the emails spam score (this will be determined based on existing rules for email content) your emails will be delivered to the recipient’s spam box.

  • If you do not have ~all or –all in your existing SPF record, the email will be delivered to the recipient's spam box, based on the spam score.

We request your co-operation in helping us provide you with a more stable platform free of spam and IP blacklisting issues. We thank you for your continued support and use of our service.

Please reach out to our support teams for any questions or concerns.